Moving things around…

I decided to move my blog to a free wordpress site and make a different use out of the homepage. Obviously you’ve probably figured that out if you found this site, since, well… you had to have gotten here from the old site.

If you are disturbed and angered by this move, get over it. 😛  I was having too many issues with trying to update wordpress, losing content, etc. I just finally recovered my old backup after almost a year, but after sifting through it I decided not to repost the old content. This is a revitalization of the site, and hopefully of my writing. Finally, I have decided to remove the (majority of) fiction and poetry posts from here. If I want to start submitting them to publishers, I don’t want them already floating around on the web for free, right? I might post some once in a while… or maybe excepts from them, but for the most part you can look forward to rants, philosophical musings, reviews, and general life posts here.

So why start the blog up again you might ask? Well, because it gets me writing. And because I enjoy it.

So look foward to more here in the very near future (I promise this time).



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