So Many Albums…

So Recently I was given about eight boxes of records. Two or so of the boxes were box sets of Classical… good stuff too. The rest is all Rock, Pop, Showtunes, Classical, and a few others.

Going through all these albums, deciding which ones to keep, which ones to sell, etc., was a pain, but I finally finished. The ones I’m keeping are the easy part. All I need to do with those is sort through them and add them to my current collection. Once that’s done I plan on going through my collection and cataloging them. Tedious, but fun for the collector, as I’m sure a few of you know. The difficult part is going through all the ones I want to sell, pricing them (which is mostly done) evaluating the condition of them all and adjusting the price accordingly and taking photos of all of them. Tedious, but rewarding if they start selling.

I plan on selling the majority of them on Ebay (and you can reach my Ebay store from my home page) but some of them I will probably try to sell either on here or locally, because I know a few collectors who might be interested in them. Not the majority of them, as they are either Classical, Showtunes, or “oldies” Pop… but some of them. And some of them are in such horrid condition I will probably try to pawn them off for a dollar each just to be rid of them… or enlist of the assistance of my friend Nick to make them into bowls (if you don’t know what I mean look it up 😉 ).

So the point of all of this? Sometime in the near future there will be a rather large catalog of vinyl records appearing on my main website, as well as a large amount of them being posted on Ebay… so keep your eyes peeled.



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