No Shades Of Grey

Alright… speaking of bad writing. So I’m going to admit that I have nothing to say today. Normally I work on my post the evening before, and last night I had absolutely no ambitions to work. So today you get crap. Not even Grade A crap. Because today I subject you to horrid horrid poetry. Horrid horrid poetry that I wrote easily ten years ago even. Back when the world was a dark and dismal place… darker and more dismal place in my mind than it really is. I was basically emo before emo really existed… and no I don’t mean goth, there isn’t enough self respect there to even approach goth. But all self-deprecation aside (at least I still have *that* down), it’s not good, it’s not bad… just something I wrote a while ago that I don’t think is complete  trash. I may have even had it published, I can’t remember… And if you want a downloadable copy, go to my Writings page. I posted a PDF. As always, my writing is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

  No Shades Of Grey

This is my dream,
Torrid and surreal.
This is my nightmare,
Quiet and blissful.

This is my life,
Painful and horrible.
This is my death,
Peaceful and dark.

Finding my eyes,
Sunken and hollow.
Finding my voice,
Grating and harsh.

Finding my thoughts,
Horrid and disturbing.
Finding my body,
Hideous and deformed.

Hatred and love,
Lies and truth.
Chaos and peace,
Death and life.
Or White.

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