Pocket Dump: 2015

I haven’t done a “pocket dump” in a while, and actually I don’t think I’ve ever posted one on here. This is just a quick run through of the items that usually reside in my pockets, and whether or not I actually use them, haha. Without further ado:

Hand tooled leather Yellow Sign wallet from Sova Leatherworks.

Back right pocket – Custom made leather wallet from Sova Leatherworks (currently on hiatus). Handworked Yellow Sign with eldritch writing etched into it. Wallet chain is a random one given to me by a friend.

Back left pocket – Keys on a carabiner. House keys, band practice space key, parent’s house key, bike lock key, mini LED flashlight and a “Snapper” – an oversized knotless paracord tie with built in bottle opener, backer reward from the first Fishbone kickstarter.

Front right pocket – Opinel No 9 carbon pocket knife. Burt’s Bees lip balm. Loose change.

Front left pocket – Second pocket knife (no-brand locking folder), iPhone earbuds, matte black Zippo.

Jacket pocket – iPhone 5C in black rubber Incipio case.

Watch – currently a Casio G-Shock solar, older model. Waiting for my Vostok KGB automatic mechanical movement to be repaired.

Misc – Glasses (RayBan, dying, need to get new ones). Black paracord bracelets. Necklace with Celtic knot ring (purchased in Ireland) and three Feng Shui coins on it, lip ring.

I carry all of these things every day, with the exception of my pocket knives, which I remove when I’m going to places I think they might be frowned upon (state buildings, concerts). I also often carry around a bag with a few more items in it:

Bag – Chrome Metropolis Messenger. Pens and pencils, plastic camping spork, Moleskine notebook and backup throw away for scrap paper. Gerber Suspension multi-tool, Sharpie, mini-bic lighter, medical tape, 2gb flash drive with Windows recovery tools on it, mini-Maglite flashlight with LED upgrade, Boy Scout pocket knife, 20-sided die, hacky sack, eye drops, emergency bike light, K3 Performance Power Tube chargeable battery, Bauhaus K50 titanium carabiner w/ bottle opener (kickstarter), bike repair tools and tire pressure gauge. Mini-first aid kit, mini-survival kit in altoids tin, zip-ties. Bandana, umbrella, 5′ paracord, 2 non-climbing carabiners, plastic bag.

Need to upgrade my pocket carry slightly. I’d like to replace my secondary pocket knife with a clipped folder, probably an Ontario Rat-1 plain edge. I’d like to get a more powerful pocket flashlight, a Fisher Space Pen and a pocket comb as well to round out what I carry on me, instead of in my bag. I’d also like to add a Gerber Shard to my keychain as an emergency multi-tool. Little upgrades, but one’s I think will come in handy more often than not.


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