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Mind Dump: Podcast Edition

So I did a pocket dump the other day and was thinking about lists and whatnot and I though of another thing I could toss out here: Podcasts. I got into podcasts incredibly late in the game, I think I’ve only been listening to a few of them for a little over a year now, but I’ve found a handful of them I really like. While there are a few, like Hardcore History that I would like to listen to, I simply can’t get into a 4 hour+ podcast. I’ve found the 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes mark is ideal for me, and of course shorter ones are fine.

I more of less look like this half the time I’m listening to them…

So here are a few of the podcasts that I do enjoy. Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.

Art of Manliness – The Art of Manliness podcast focuses on interviews with interesting people, innovators and experts in their fields on topics that anyone, male or female, can use to enhance or otherwise improve their life. I find it educational and interesting.

The Human Animal – The Human Animal podcast is a fitness podcast run by Matt “freefitguy,” a trainer focused on functional movement and primal fitness. It explores a lot of concepts that will be familiar to people who are into the paleo lifestyle, but holds a lot of value for those who are just interested in being health in mind and body.

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast – The only subscription podcast on my list, this one focuses on the literature of H.P. Lovecraft (duh). I picked this one up after the Necronomicon-Providence 2013, and while I haven’t listened to a ton of episodes it touches on my favorite genre of fiction and my favorite author. Each episode explores a different Lovecraft story and the media it has influenced since it’s publication.

The Random Show – This is the only video podcast on my list. Run by Tim Ferriss (see below) and Kevin Rose, this one is exactly what it says, a random conversation these two have on no-particular schedule that they video. They cover whatever they are reading at the time, fun new products they’ve been checking out and other things they are interested in at the time. They have also filmed episodes in China and Mexico. You can watch these on YouTube or iTunes.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Probably my favorite podcast is The Tim Ferriss Show. Spawning partially from The Random Show, Tim Ferriss started sitting down to interview people who have influenced him, who he’s friends with, or just who he has really wanted to have a chat with before if they are willing. Guests include Kevin Rose, Joe De Sena, Margaret Cho and, most recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger. My favorite part is when he asks them what their morning routines look like, what books they give most often as gifts, and who they would most like to punch in the face.

Welcome to Night Vale – Last but not least is the only “fiction” podcast I listen to, Welcome to Night Vale. Done in the weird tales style of H.P. Lovecraft, WtNV is just highly entertaining and well worth listening to the first few episodes of. I was hooked after one.

And that’s my list. Again, feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.


Morning Routine

So I’m trying to get back into a morning routine. There are 101 reasons for this: It helps get me moving in the morning, it wakes me up faster, it starts my day off more productive, it helps me make sure I’m at work and ready to go when I want to be, not when I have to be, etc. My morning routine is fairly simple, but with room for flux depending on the day. Figured I would outline the concept and see if anyone else had any ideas or suggestions for improving it. And perhaps my routine can help someone else kickstart their own… So without further ado:

And this is about what I look like when I wake up…

6:00 – Wake up – The basic idea here is to beat the sun up, so my actual wake up time fluctuates by season. Right now I get up at about 6am. In the summer I’ll actually get up at 5:45ish, which is usually right before or at sunrise here in New England.

6:00-6:10 – Meditate – I like to start my day off my clearing my head a little and giving myself some focus, this lets me get moving a little faster in the morning. I usually only meditate for about 5 minutes, but I drink water and go to the bathroom before hand, so my actual start time changes.

6:10-6:30 – Work out – Until I can get back into the gym I’m taking 20-30 minutes to work out in the morning now, doing body weight exercises to get the blood pumping.

6:30-7:00 – Breakfast – I pretty much eat the same thing every weekday, sausage, scrambled eggs and spinach. I add a little black pepper, garlic and paprika to the eggs, and sometimes I spoon a tablespoon or two of salsa on top.

7:00-7:30 – Shower, shave etc. – Morning grooming. This can take anywhere from five minutes to half an hour depending on if I need to shave or do anything else in the morning.

7:30 – Off to work – I try to get moving by 7:30 because A: It lets me get started on work before anyone else is in the office distracting me, and B: It lets me run errands in the morning if I need to, take the trash out on my way out the door, etc.

That’s it… morning routine broken down. Once I get back into the gym that will change a bit, but otherwise that’s the thick of it.

Do you enjoy these posts, or find them boring and trite? Let me know in the comments!