About the Author

My name is Ian E. Muller, and I approve this message…

Home Improvement? Or Home Destruction?Born in the chilly winds of October, Ian has Winter in his veins…

Overdramatic? Okay… fine.

I’m a student of the world. Every few months I get a severe bout of wanderlust. I study Philosophy, Religion, and History. I write. I’ve tried my hand at directing. I read. I explore. I’ve remodeled a house (parts of it). I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. I seek knowledge wherever I can find it. I’m an opinionated prick. And I Care.

This site is the culmination of all my thoughts, ideas, and insomnia driven creativity. Posts could be about the sushi I ate the other night, to the beers I drank last week, to the mountain I’m going to hike and climb tomorrow. I write reviews, I play games. But mostly I live my life the way I think it should be lived.

If you have any more questions about “who I am” you can read the blog. Or you can look me up at these sites…

More coming soon…



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