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Writing, an Adventure in Itself

TyperwriterAs a writer, in particular a freelance writer, one has to occasionally turn a blind eye to certain things. Editors making changes to your work you don’t agree with, being paid far less than you think you are worth for certain jobs… etc. But you also get to do something you love – write. Because honestly, who would choose to be a writer if they didn’t love to write. It’s a trade-off. But how do you really get into the writing process? And how do you deal with those little things I mentioned?

As with most creative work, I think it would a fair assessment to say that a lot of people give up after a few attempts at becoming a writer. You get maybe one or two stories/articles published, and then there’s a dry spell, and you go looking for a 9 to 5 job again, and never come back. But then… some of us are stupid crazy enough to keep writing… The ones who end up crazy, broke, or both. So again, how do you deal with this? Drinking is an option, though your liver might decide it doesn’t want to continue its lease at the end of the year… And of course there’s smoking. But are there healthier ways?

I don’t know, tell me if you find one please.

Furthermore, what’s the point of dwelling on it? If you fail, no big deal, lots of people fail. If you succeed, you’re lucky. Just go for it, right? But how do you balance striving for your dream… and starving? At what point do you say “This wall of whiskey bottles and peanut butter jars can be my fortress of solitude no longer?” Well, if you really love it, you don’t. And they find you full of whiskey, with peanut butter smeared all over your face in a frenzied attempt to stave off the purple weasels living in your underwear (which you aren’t wearing).  Or you say “The hell with it, I’m going to sell my soul and get this published…” and make a few bucks off of an article you really only spent 10 minutes on Wikipedia researching. But hey, it sounds good, and they’re willing to give you 25 cents a word for it… right?

Will Write For Food

So really, how do you take away all the bullshit and get to what you really want to do, get paid to write? You don’t. I guess that’s the sad bottom line. You deal with it, or you find something else. Because in the end, if you actually want to make money doing this… you deal with it. And you hope that one day you’ll be lucky enough to be half as rich and famous as Stephen King. But until then, you deal with it to pay the bills.

So what’s the point of this rant? I’m not sure. Part self-motivation to stick with it. Part inspiration for you, my loyal reader (note the singular – hi mom). And maybe part explanation. I write because I love it. I write because there’s nothing else I can think of doing and still be happy. Perhaps I write because there is a problem in my brain… either way I know I’m nuts, but this is what I want to do. And by Cthulhu… it’s what I’m going to do.


In Flight

US Airways PlaneSo, I’m sitting in the airport terminal currently, waiting for our flight to board. We showed up a little earlier than we thought (traffic was good) so we have a little over two hours to kill. Well, closer to one hour now – It’s 12:10 (flight boards at 1:20). But nothing exciting so far. If you read my previous post on airport security, specifically the new security machines, you’ll be interested to know that Philadelphia International Airport does in fact use the millimeter wave machines… which are significantly safer than the Backscatter x-ray ones (despite what the TSA claims). One benefit to showing up so early is that we literally sped through the machine – security took us maybe 5 minutes, tops.

So now the waiting time. We ate breakfast(lunch really) and sat around for a bit… but now we’re just sitting back and relaxing. I needed to charge my phone (forgot to charge it last night… I have to screw at least *one* thing up when I fly…) and found an outlet… which doesn’t work. So I’m charging my phone through the laptop right now… ha! Technology at its finest.

That’s all I have to say for now… more updates in flight!

Well, the time is now 2:45 and we are in the air. Something exciting did happen! Our flight was delayed… lol. Only by half an hour, and they expect to make that back up in the air, so our arrival time shouldn’t change much.

It’s been over three years since the last time I flew – Boston to Philly that time. And I have to say, not much has changed. They still go through the same spiel before take-off. The boarding is still the same (backwards… people seated in the rear of the plane should board first damn it… it makes so much more sense… but anyway). And I still hide my iPod and listen to music during takeoff. Because damn it, I want music. Takeoff is boring, uneventful, and if we crash during takeoff more than likely I’ll die… so I don’t need to listen to any instructions. I’ll be too busy waiting for the plane to rip in half so I can try to dive out… haha (you think I’m joking…) And I can do that with headphones in, thank you.

So yeah, flying isn’t that big of a deal. It’s mostly just sitting around, waiting. Kind of like train rides, but at least you have interesting things to look at out the windows on a train. Right now I can see… clouds. Meh. More later if anything interesting happens…

5:40 p.m – or rather, 2:40 p.m. in SF… Just went to bathroom and noticed something… why is there a sign pointing out that there is an ashtray in the opposite lavatory, when smoking is prohibited entirely on the plane? Silliness…

No Smoking?

I mean... I assume it's for you to put out your cigarette when they catch you... but still. Why?

7:10 p.m. – or rather, 4:10 p.m. in SF… I swear… there is a constant stream of people going in and out of the bathrooms on this plane. And it’s not like everyone has gone. I think it’s the same 15 people. Insanity. I’ve been one of them of course – but with my eye allergy thing, I need to put my eye drops in. But I mean, damn. I don’t think this many people used the bathroom on my flight to Europe… damn…

Over-all I’d say this was a good flight (so far). Not much turbulence. There HAS been a kid banging on the back of my seat for almost the entire flight, seriously (no stereotyping here)… but considering his dipshit parents didn’t bring any toys for him to play with on a five to six hour flight… I don’t blame him! Some people should be sterilized… I’d be kick seats too… or people… heh. Apparently the kid has been crying/screaming the entire time too… but I’ve had my headphones on for the entire flight, so I don’t care (that’s *one* reason I bring them in the first place…). One more update when we land!

Well the eagle has landed. Or, more accurately – I’m in San Francisco. BOW TO ME CALIFORNIA. Or something…. End of the flight was extremely uneventful. We landed… we got off the plane. Met my Uncle Michael. Aaaand now we’re at his house, relaxing. San Francisco is… foggy. I approve. Michael pointed out something very important though… When you leave the airport, it was 68, and bright and sunny. Michael lives 15 minutes down the road… and it’s 10 degrees cooler, and overcast/foggy. Insanity. My kind of city it seems. Also – the hills are awesome. I wish I had brought my bike.

So now, I leave you. In another time zone… a part of the country I have never been in… and off to do more important things than write on my blog… 🙂