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Survivor: East Coast Edition

So, a variety of humor comes to mind when considering the events of this weekend. Panic set in, people were scared, and a hurricane swept up the east coast causing… far less damage than everyone expected. And many of us did not take it too seriously. I for one, made sure my family was well prepared, then spent  most of my time mocking the hurricane and playing storm/apocalypse related music on turntable. Including Come On Eileen (Irene), Riders on the Storm, Hurricane… etc. And it did about what I expected it to… rained a lot, and got a little windy. I honestly slept through what was supposed to be the worst part early this morning. And it didn’t wake me up… If you can’t even be bothered to wake me up for your little tantrum Mother Nature… don’t bother.

But in all reality, this was a serious event. Lives were lost, property was damaged, and people were scared, and lost things. And it only goes to prove that we humans cannot stand up against mom. She will continue to prove to us that yes, she (possibly) brought us into this world, and she can sure as hell take us out of it. So respect her for fuck’s sake, please?

I took yesterday off for a variety of reasons. Preparing for the possible storm, talking with friends, and in general relaxing (and doing some work…). But I would also like to dedicate yesterdays “silence” to both those who lost their lives in this event, as well as to the event itself, as it was in fact, serious business.

A Moment of Silence

Sorry, this was the best picture I could find.

So for those of you who were affected far more than I was by this, yesterday was for you.



Sorry… Hectic Times

Sorry for such a late post. Things have been busy, what with some work I’m doing advancing, and the hurricane preparations.

Utility Work Ahead

Yes, this is my sign for “I’m busy, you only get a post on why I’m not really posting today.”

A few things of note!

Our house is as storm proof as I can make it for now. I’m going to throw emergency bags together for the rest of my family later, just in case.

Work is going well. I am now officially a freelance writer for Technology Review (a MIT publication) online. My first article hits the site Monday (barring some disaster… oh wait…), and I’m working on my second article currently. Awesome. Sauce. I’ll give you a full update on the TR writing job after the storm, and after the article gets posted online.

And that’s why I’ve been busy. And if you don’t hear from me by Monday, I may have died. But don’t worry, If I die I’ll try to let you all know…