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In Other News…

Writer's BlockI now have a paying job. Well, as much as a writer can have a paying job.

A pitch I wrote for an online magazine was accepted, so now I have a freelance position with them. I’ll release more information if the story is put out and whatnot (still a chance they will kill the story…)

I am very excited though. This is a great opportunity for me.

In other writing news – The Critical Table is doing well. I should have an exciting new post up on there soon, waiting for someone to get back to me for it though… You’ll see!

Anything else… anything else… Oh. Yeah.

Working on short stories is odd. Right now I have two written, one in the mid-stages of it’s first cut (re-writing an entire page because I just didn’t like the flow of it), and the other in a final edit, waiting for me to be happy enough with the last changes I made.

Why all the edits? I’m trying to get both of them published in magazines, so I want them to be extra-awesome. So stay tuned for news on that.

The movie script is finalized. Working on other things and waiting on scheduling conflicts right now. Also, lazy actors.

One thing that I’m gearing up for is NaNoWriMo this year. Every year I sit down to start it… and then get about 5k words in and die. I think it’s my insistence on perfection, which I’m trying to break. It’s also my “crap, what do I put in here” feeling, which I’m trying to fix. One of the ways I’m trying to fix that is writing on here every day. I figure if I can make myself come up with something at least vaguely interesting for you… I can write 1k words a day in a story I actually care about in November. 😉

Another thing that might help are Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fridays. He does a week long contest every week, winner getting something randomly cool. Just for writing a flash fiction piece on a different topic (he picks) each week. This week is a genre mashup, which I’m considering. If I do it I will probably start doing it every week, just for something new. Besides I pop out 1k word stories like they’re candy… so yay candy!

That’s all for today, if you get the hint from the post… I have writing to do :).


Projects: A Current Look

The Cult of Done ManifestoA fancy title for a simple post. Now that I’m not working I actually have a lot more going on than before in my life. Quite a few projects have fallen at my feet since then, plus I’ve reinstated a few that had been tossed aside when I started the overnight hell of Walmart employment. One of those tossed aside ones that I have rebooted is of course the Blogenning. However there are others. So, this is just a list of projects that I’m currently working on/involved in.. kind of to give an update of what is going on in my life.

Lazarus – Lazarus is a movie idea that a friend, and the manager of the local gaming store, approached me with about a year ago. October 2010 he mentioned this movie idea he wanted to work on, and I told him casually “Hey, I’d love to help if you get it off the ground soon.” Well apparently that sparked his motivation, because now I’m directing, and co-wrote the movie with him. We’ve cast it, and are working on getting our location set up and getting some finances in order. It’s a short film, we’re aiming for about 45 minutes, about zombies. We’re attempting to do a different approach to the zombie phenomenon, while keeping it similar enough to the main genre to keep the zombie fanatics (like myself) happy. For more information go check out the Facebook page here.

Critical Table – Critical Table is a gaming/geek culture website that announced it was looking for writers a few weeks ago, and I hopped on board. The site is just getting off the ground, but hopefully once there is a steady stream on content rolling it will be a paying gig for me. I got my first article up the other week, and am wrapping up a second on now. The site centers around game reviews, editorials, and honest reporting. Too many game reviewers get paid to give games good reviews… and it’s ruining the landscape for a lot of gamers. That is what Critical Table hopes to fix. So go check it out!

Writing – I’ve been writing a great deal, and not just on here. I’m working on a short story that I aim to get published. I also have dusted off an old horror movie script I was working on to finish. Also, the comic I was almost done with, but stalled out on while looking for an artist to work with, and I’m pulling together ideas for this years NaNoWriMo, which I hope to actually complete this year. In addition I’m always working on shorts that I hope to do something with one day. I have about 10 completed short stories that are currently sitting on my computer, waiting for a direction. Perhaps I’ll decide what to do with them soon… working on it. And of course there is here… and the Blogenning.

Music – This is kind of a small one, but the band Far From There asked me to write and record a short, spoken word intro to the song they are currently working on. I completed this and sent it to them, and once the rest of the song is mixed and finished I’ll have a link to it on here.

Remodeling – I’ve been remodeling my parents’ house since I quit Walmart. It’s been how I’ve been making a living, so to speak. After completely gutting the bathroom I redid the shower, knocked a wall out and fixed that, painted, redid the floor, replaced some of the various hardware around the room, and over-all made it look entirely different. And they love it, so I’m happy. Since then I also painted their half-bath, and am currently working on the living room. In the living room I sanded the floors and re-coated them, and now I’m going to paint and put up french doors. An easier job. I also installed some ceiling fans and re did the garage and did a massive cleanup in the basement. Oh and cleaned the gutters… there’s more but it’s eluding me currently. So yeah, big project. Here are some photos…

I think that about wraps up the project list. I just woke up so if I forgot anything, sorry. Look forward to a more legitimate post tomorrow!


Bad Writer! Bad! No Royalty Check For You…

Good Writing...Lately I’ve been watching Torchwood: Miracle Day. Now… I’m a huge Torchwood fan. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan… hence the TARDIS USB hub and TARDIS heat changing mug I have (amongst other paraphernalia). I even designed a D&D character after Capt. Jack Harkness, complete with bisexuality action. But “Miracle Day” is bad. So bad in fact it’s a “Miracle it’s still on the air toDay” after the first three episodes. And it’s not just me that thinks so. A few people have commented on the watered-down writing of the new series, as well as the irritating and over-the-top acting of Mekhi Phifer. Maybe this is because the show is now taking place in the US, and Starz (the cable channel airing the show) wants US viewers to be able to relate to the show. Maybe it’s because they were forced into a 10-episode arc instead of a 6-episode one, e.g. Children of the Earth. But for whatever reason, Torchwood: Miracle Day certainly does not live up to the earlier seasons of the show.

Torchwood Miracle DayNow, don’t get me wrong. I’m still watching it. Five minutes before starting this I finished episode four (I’m a little behind in the season due to not having cable… you do the math). I still love Jack and Gwen, miss Ianto and Owen, and look forward to scenes where Gwen shoots down a helicopter with a bloody rocket launcher. But then I cringe as she says “Welcome to Torchwood” to close episode 2. Really? I mean, the line wasn’t badly delivered. It just shouldn’t have been said. No… Bad. Which brings me to my point. Can good actors save bad scripts? Well, in some cases… yes.

In the 2009 film “The Maiden Heist” Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, and William H. Macy play museum security guards who choose to steal their favorite works of art from the museum, rather than see them shipped off to a Danish museum. Okay… I’ll buy it, sounds vaguely interesting and has three absolutely phenomenal actors in it. But no… something about this doesn’t jive right. I actually watched the movie twice to try and figure it out, and I realized it was the writing. The dialogue was… poor, and the entire thing seemed shabby… like a first year film student had managed to sell his unedited script to Sony Pictures and said “Please.” But it was still a decent movie. It was funny in parts, I enjoyed watching the three play bumbling thieves… it was actually an extremely entertaining movie. But in other cases…

“Closure” (known as “Straightheads” in the US) is a movie about a successful British business woman who gets gang raped, while her boyfriend is brutally assaulted, and rendered impotent. Later they end up moving into the woman’s deceased father’s home in the country only to discover one of the rapists is their neighbor. It’s more revenge-thriller than “Last House On The Left” horror… but it’s bad. And not just “unnecessary rape violence” bad, but “Why would anyone think to write that” or “Wait… what? Why did she say that” bad. And it stars Gillian Anderson, who I think is probably one of the better female actresses around. I mean really, would you say Scarlett Johansson or Christina Hendricks (though I did like her on Firefly…) is better? And even then, let’s not forget the second X-Files movie. A series I have recently come to adore… almost completely ruined by one 104-minute nightmare. “I Want To Believe” I never really watched that… Again, not bad acting… not bad direction. Just bad writing.

All of this strikes particularly close to home considering I just finished writing the script to my first movie. Lazarus is a collaborative effort between myself, Lawton Hughes, and Dean Cromer. I finished the final edit of the script yesterday, and I really hope I don’t pull this same mistake. Bad acting can on occasion be forgiven. Bad direction less so, but it can be saved by a good script and good actors. Bad writing? There are many examples of this, but very few that one can turn around and say “Well, it still wasn’t that bad.”

Gwen Cooper with Baby

I don't know... seems like a good mom to me...

So, to return to Torchwood: Miracle Day. Is the show bad? No. The show is entertaining. The acting (minus Mekhi Phifer) is excellent. And the plot is fairly intriguing. But the writing leaves much to be desired, and that is making many people – new comers and old fans alike – turn away from this new season. A lesson to take to heart…

Filming of Lazarus begins this month, visit the Facebook page for more information and updates.

With Apologies…

I’ll apologize now for the lack of “real” post on here today. I had the script for Lazarus to finish, another project I am working on for Brandon Schory‘s band Far From There to finish, and of course my mother’s birthday is tomorrow. So instead of writing a craptacular post on here for today, I will save what I’m working on tonight to post tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about it… and give you this, a day early…

Happy Birthday Mom!

Intentionally bad jpg is win...

So as I was saying, sorry for the off day, but you’ll get a post tomorrow. I promise!

Although technically I did post something today… check out my inaugural post over at The Critical Table!

Lazarus Update – Casting

So casting for our film is done! Not that… probably any of them will find there way here but I’d like to thank everyone who auditioned anyway. So without further ado, I present the cast of Lazarus.

Store Employee – Lawton Hughes
Strange Man – Dean Cromer
“Andy” – John A. Jones Jr.
“Tommy”  – Logan French
“Paul” – Daniel Sample
Leah – Crista Joy
Amy – Elizabeth Schofield
Scientist Corpse – Ian E. Muller
Mad Scientist’s Wife “Cate” – Kat Markwalder
Mad Scientist – Ron Waid
To everyone else who auditioned thank you and we will either use you as a zombie or crew.
And that’s it! With all the parts cast, and most of our locations finalized, all we need to do is put the final touches on the script and get the rest of our funding in order. Remember, if you’d like to help us out, please back the Kickstarter project we have going.
And last but not least, please remember that if you are interested in helping out on the crew or production of the film, just drop me a line and let me know in what way you wish to help. Thanks!

So you want to make a movie…

Some friends and I are finally getting underway with our movie – Lazarus. We were actually supposed to start filming back in February, but money problems, schedules… and having most of our equipment stolen set that back. Finally we’re about to get underway again, with casting in a week (July 17th), and it’s pretty damn exciting. Lazarus is a short horror film featuring, you guessed it, zombies. We’ve gone through a few changes with the overall plot, but now we’ve finally got something solid we can back, and between the three of us we’re psyched. So what is Lazarus you might ask? Here’s our “official” synopsis.

A group of gaming geeks go out to a cabin in the woods to play their horror campaign in a more fitting setting, only to discover something far more real, but just as horrible, waiting for them.

But of course the plot is a bit more intricate than that. Basically, there are a group of gamers playing their horror D&D (or Call of Cthulhu – we’re not sure what game yet) at their local game store, when the clerk tells them about a cabin they can rent for a better setting for their game. Taking him up on the offer, they head out to the woods, only to be attacked. The rest of the film takes place primarily in said cabin. Of course that doesn’t sound all that interesting in and of itself, but there are twists, trust me. I just don’t want to give them away yet :D.

So why should you care? Well, if you’re reading this, you probably know me… and should care based solely on that fact ;-). But in all seriousness, it should be fun. We’re using all local talent, and locations in Delaware. We’re using as small of a budget as possible, although yes, we are still trying to raise money (more on that later). More or less, it’s going to be ridiculous fun, and hopefully a foot in the door of the film industry for everyone involved (not just the three of us who created the project).

So you want more information? Certainly. I hope you do, it means I’ve peaked your interest! The “official” page of the movie is currently it’s facebook page, which you can view here – Lazarus – Facebook. We also have a twitter account you can follow – LazarusFilm. You can also e-mail us with any question at LazarusFilm2011@gmail.com

So you want to support us? Awesome! We need all the help we can get, trust me… haha. If you’d like to spread the word about Lazarus either share this post, or the facebook page with your friends. If you’d like to back us, check out our Kickstarter page. Kickstarter is a project site where anyone can go on and pledge money to help out a project. The site is great because we offer rewards for different investment amounts, AND if we don’t raise enough pledges to meet our goal in the allotted time? We don’t get any money, and you don’t get charged. It’s an all-or-nothing system. So if you’re interested, go check that out, you can donate as little as a dollar.

Well, that’s all the information I have to share for now. Once we’ve gotten our cast together, and more underway I’ll have more to post, but for now check out the links, and enjoy.