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Disaster Survival

Hurricane DevastationSo, this morning I woke up to the news that Hurricane Irene is heading directly towards Delaware. Now, for many this is a frightening experience. Especially for the woman who works with my father who moved here because she lived in New Orleans and lost everything during Katrina… I am sure for her this is a nightmare. But for me it’s actually rather exciting. For a variety of reasons.

  • I am a survivalist nutjob. – Yes that’s right. I get excited during disasters. I love researching survival plans and techniques. And I am always prepared. I have an emergency kit put together. I have everything I could possibly need in case of a zombie apocalypse within arms length from my desk/bed. I like to be prepared, and I like to be ready for a worst-case-scenario.
  • I like storms. – I have always loved thunderstorms since I was a little kid. They fascinate and delight me. I’m the kid that would get screamed at because I’d run outside in the middle of a thunderstorm to play in the torrential downpour… lightning doesn’t scare me. And this is potentially the worst storm I will have ever experienced. It get’s the blood pumping!
  • I like fixing things. – As odd as this sounds, I really like repairing things and the like, so if our house gets damaged, or something goes crazy wrong… I’ll have a blast repairing it afterwards. Unless our house is demolished… I wont be so happy then… no. Bad juju. BAD!

So yeah… I’m excited. Many of my friends know that I have planned extensively for a zombie apocalypse. I had a survival plan in Boston. I have a survival plan here. Not quite as good of one… but that’s because our house is a zombie death trap… one story, weak interior doors, huge windows… ugh. Just not zombie proof. It makes me sad. My apartment in Boston was a different matter though… second story, great doors, a reinforced back entrance with a steel security door on the basement, roof access… it was great. Very secure, very safe.

In Case of Zombies Break Glass

In case of Zombies, break glass!

So how does one plan for a zombie apocalypse? Well… “going to the tavern, having a nice cold pint, and waiting for this all to blow over” isn’t the best idea – no offense Shaun. Having supplies is. Non-perishable food, renewable water source, weapons, home repair supplies (plywood, nails), and survival/first aid equipment is a must. Having a protected garden (ie – tall fence, preferably not chainlink) is even better. For long term survival the farther south you are the better. Once you lose electricity or heat in the north you are screwed. Unless you have electric heat and a manual-powered generator… which isn’t hard to build. Just time consuming. And you don’t want it IN your house/apartment, so it’s also a potential safety hazard.

What about fighting? Well… fighting off the zombie hordes sounds heroic, and fun… but think about it from a more realistic standpoint. Do you have the weapons? Do you know how much force it takes to shatter a human skull? Are you really capable of killing another human being, regardless of how “dead” they look? Be honest with yourself on that last one… I’m not even sure I am. And what about weapons knowledge? Are guns your best option (no)? Do you know how to sharpen a machete? Clean a gun? Properly maintain and care for that cheap, decorative katana that will probably break after one swing? Probably not. Do you even know how to properly swing it without throwing yourself off balance? Do you know how to properly defend yourself with a knife? Defend yourself unarmed without exposing yourself to being bitten? It’s tougher than it sounds, or looks. Think about it carefully… maybe enroll yourself in some Aikido or Jujitsu classes…

And what about your family, your pets? Do you know how to care for them when you lose power permanently? Do you have a newborn? Dogs? Even cats? Can you continue to feed them? Dispose of their waste safely? Will their uncontrollable noises attract the advancing horde? Are you prepared to abandon them if they become a liability? If you’ve never been a parent… don’t even think you’re prepared to answer that question in relation to newborns/children. I’m not. And it might be harder to part with Scruffy than you think, unless you’re a cruel, heartless bastard – in which case I hope the zombies get you.

Zombie Bunny

Aw, so cute and cudd... wait a minute... OH NO!

So… are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Are you even prepared for a hurricane, flood, tornado… earthquake? Think about it long and hard.

Because the next one might be in your backyard.



Cat ProximitySo this weeks Blogenning theme is on pets. Easy one for me. Since I was… born we have been owned by cats. Usually a lot of cats. I think we have had 13 at one time when we were living in New York. Insanity! We currently have five. Mew, Beast, Morgwen, Mr. Mistopheles, and Max (yeah… we like “M” names). But, obviously, not all of those cats were mine. My cat is the venerable Mew. Or Mu, depending on my mood. Mew was a cat that we rescued when my grandfathers neighbors called him after they have moved and said “By the way, the cat is still in the house, will you take him to the SPCA for us?” Yeah… fuck you tools. My grandfather called us, and we came and got the poor guy, scared and confused… And I he quickly became his my cat. I say my cat because he follows me around constantly, acts almost exactly like me… and is, in general, a prick (like me). So I’m he’s definitely his my human cat… He’s also the oldest cat we own currently.


Mew: "Okay, what do YOU want?"

I say this because we recently lost our “first” cat, and my mom’s baby, Mim. Short for Mad Madam Mim, and boy did she fit that name. “Oh, you’re petting me. That’s nice, I like that… Nevermind. *sounds of clawing and screams of pain*” She was feisty. And she was also over 20, which is pretty old for a cat – their average lifespan is only 12-16. We’ve always been very attached to our animals, so any passing is particularly difficult, but Mim’s was the worst of them all. We had belonged to her for over 20 years. That’s the majority of my life, and almost half of my mothers. I dare say that Mim’s passing hit us even harder than the passing of our Chow “Drusilla” several years ago (though, I was living in Boston for that luckily, so it didn’t hit me quite as hard as it did my mother).

Mad Madam Mim

Mim: "We are not amused."

If we discover the key to immortality I am entirely in favor of granting it to our pets before ourselves… Trust me, when Mew goes I will not be… happy for quite some time.

One thing that has always stuck me particularly interesting though is the grieving period. We grieve differently for animals than we do for humans. Personally I grieve longer. I’ve always felt a closer connection with my pets than with most of the people that have come in and out of my life. Obviously, none of my immediate family or friends have passed, so this is difficult to gauge, but I’ve always been particularly susceptible to my pets. So it’s interesting to observe other people grieving for their pets, and when they hit the point that they are able to be enslaved by a new master pet. Is there a proper period? Does it differ between different type of pets? People tend to be “closer” to dogs and cats than other animals, but does that change anything? It’s a very interesting phenomenon to observe…

Ahhhh but this is depressing, so I leave you with a pallet cleanser to lift your mood. Face-melting cuteness!

Face-melting Cuteness!

That's right... try and escape this black hole of cute.