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Home Again, Home Again

So – I’m home from my cross-country adventure. It’s good to be back amongst the cats, dogs, and with Crista and my Dad. Though driving a 16 foot Penske truck across country was fun.

Right now, I have a pounding headache for some reason. I just wanted to update and say “Hey! I’m not dead!” Or something like that. Also there will be an in depth post about the trip at a later date, which I am working on, including tons of pictures taken by my mother.

So for now, hello to all of you once more… it’s good to be back. Now where is my whiskey?



‘Cause I’m Leavin’… on a Jet Plane…

I know when I’ll be back though…

Just a reminder I’m leaving for San Francisco in a few hours. Here’s the deal – if you can wait till tonight, I’m going to blog my entire flight/trip. I will write my post while in the airport/on the plane. I figured that will be interesting. So stay tuned for my real post later. Just wanted to give you a heads up!


The Updates! I can reveal them!

TyperwriterSo I can finally give some links for these shenanigans! For those of you who don’t know already, I’m now a freelance writer for Technology Review (online), which is a MIT publication. My first article, which is on the augmented reality/GPS navigation Android app Wikitude Drive, went live today. And I’m currently working on a second article. Good times!

Additionally, I’m a staff writer for the gaming/geek culture website The Critical Table, which I have mentioned before. My first interview went up today. It’s with Chuck Wendig, freelance “penmonkey,” and game developer for White Wolf Publishing. For those of you who know my gaming background, I’m a big World of Darkness fan (White Wolf’s main line). Specifically Vampire and Hunter, the latter of which is the game that Chuck was the main developer for. So this was exciting for me on two fronts.

These are my big two announcements this month. Feels good to know that I’m getting somewhere with this writing nonsense… 😉 I’m also cracking down on another project, but I won’t be talking much about that on here till it’s completed (probably towards the end of the year). This one’s an even bigger secret… Shhhhhh…. So look forward to that.

Not much else to say today, working on a few things and trying to get myself organized for my trip this weekend. I will be flying out to California on Saturday, then driving cross-country back to Delaware. Looking forward to that, I love traveling.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned tomorrow, when I’ll get something solid up.